NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Holidays and Football and Stuff

NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Holidays and Football and Stuff


NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Holidays and Football and Stuff

Happy holidays. You want a longer intro? Screw that. I have Christmas beers to drink.

Chanukah Song Of The Week

Remember when this song first became a big hit? How about the Piece of Shit Car song? The things that Adam Sandler has been doing to our society over the last twenty years is amazing.

Last week: CRM (6-9) — Lisk (10-5)
Overall: CRM (90-102-10) — Lisk (115-93-12)

Houston (-7) @ Indianapolis
This game took place last night. I don’t have NFL Network so I didn’t watch it. I think I saw something about the Colts winning so I’m going to pick them. You got a problem with that? Look how far back in the picks I am. I need this. (Colts)

Oakland (+2) @ Kansas City
After beating the Packers, the Chiefs are due for a big letdown, right? Who cares. Do it for Jason Lisk! (Chiefs)

Jacksonville (+7.5) @ Tennessee
I don’t do this anymore, but here’s one for the fantasy owners. “Fucking Chris Johnson.” (Titans)

Miami () @ New England
The Dolphins have turned out to be a decent team this year and Reggie Bush has been the biggest surprise of the season right? By the time he’s done, more than a third of his career rushing yards will have come in this, his 6th season. Miami can turn anyone into a decent running back. I say they trade for Chris Johnson this spring. I bet they could get him for a protected 6th rounder. Do they have protected picks in the NFL? (Pats)

St. Louis () @ Pittsburgh
The Rams have the Steelers right where they want them. (Steelers)

Arizona (+4) @ Cincinnati
A good effort by both teams this season. I doubt anyone remembers the Cardinals were as game as the Bengals when making predictions next year. (Bengals)

Denver (-3) @ Buffalo
Tim Tebow is going to ruin the Christmas of so many Bills fans. It’s not very Christian-ly of him. (Bills)

New Jersey (+3) @ New Jersey
The Battle of New York, which is played once every four years in New Jersey between two football teams that don’t play in New York.

Minnesota (+6.5) @ Washington
If I told you Minnesota was the best road team in the NFL this season, would you believe me? You shouldn’t. (Skins)

Tampa Bay (+7.5) @ Carolina
Tampa can clinch the NFC South cellar with a loss. (Newtons)

Cleveland (+13) @ Baltimore
I think Madden ’13 should use Peyton Hillis on the cover again. Second time is a charm. (Browns)

San Diego (+3) @ Detroit
Come on Detroit, don’t give these Californian fornicators a chance to keep Tebow out of the playoffs. (Lions)

Philadelphia () @ Dallas
Classic NFC East rivalry game. I expect some good old fashion ugliness. (Cowboys)

San Francisco (-2) @ Seattle
Classic NFC West rivalry game… Just kidding. I will say the Niners are my pick for the NFC’s fraud of the year. (Seahawks)

Chicago () @ Green Bay
Watch this with your family. Every time the Bears score, hit a child. (I’m kidding!) (Packers)

Atlanta (+7) @ New Orleans
Our next to last Monday Night Football game of the season. Always a sad time of year. Just remember to have fun and travel safe this weekend. If you’re dead or in jail, you can’t visit the site. (Saints)

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