Texas is the Most Valuable College Football Team By a Long Shot, Without Accounting For the Longhorn Network Deal

Forbes came out with its latest list of most valuable college football programs, based on data through the 2010 season. The top five runs as follows: 1. Texas ($129m), 2. Notre Dame ($112m), 3. Penn State ($100m), 4. LSU ($96m), 5. Michigan ($94m).

Looking at the conference breakdown. The SEC comes out on top (Gary Danielson nods in a self-satisfied fashion) with six of the top 10 and nine of the top 20. The Big Ten is next with seven of the top 20. The Big 12 has two of the top ten, Texas and Oklahoma. The Pac 12 has No. 18 USC.

Competitively, just 12 of the top 20 finished in the SRS top 20. Texas, Nebraska and Penn State were in the top 30. Ohio State, Iowa and Florida were in the top 40. Tennessee was No. 43. The lowest was Auburn (No. 57), an effect that we’re expecting, without Newton and now without Malzahn, to become known as “the Chizik Chill.”

Texas earned $96 million in revenue and $71 million in profit in 2010. That’s $15 million more than the next largest school. That’s not counting revenue from the $300 million Longhorn Network Deal, which began in 2011. We pity the poor person who has to sort through the applications when Mack Brown retires. Guessing Todd Graham is already readying his resume. First $8-$10 million per year coach? Anyone is in play.

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