Packers Fan Uses Christmas Stage to Zing Cheating Boyfriend

Christmas is typically a holiday that involves such an abundance of happiness that most of us are able to put aside our least favorite people in favor of appreciating what we have, particularly since that’s so easy to lose sight of due to the daily chaos that is life. That is of course, unless you’ve recently been cheated on. And that’s why this female Packers fan would like the entire world to know that her naughty ex-boyfriend foolishly opted for a pair of boobs other her own and, in the end, cost himself a seat at tonight’s Packers-Bears game.

The picture itself is somewhat blurry so the jury’s still out on whether or not switching lanes was the proper move, but we’ll know for sure when she’s on Good Morning America later this week.

And no, the crop to “HO” was not intentional, that’s how it came. But yes, that’s what she said.

[Via @JasonRomano via @reddusfoximus]

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