Alabama and LSU Will Pay Around $1 Million Combined For Bands To Perform at BCS Title Game

Enjoy the school bands at the BCS Title Game. It will cost the schools about $1 million dollars combined to send them. The Superdome recently expanded seating near the field, forcing the bands to sit in the stands (and the schools to each buy more than 500 premium-priced tickets, $350 a ticket for the title game. That could mean $1,400 per tuba. They also must feed, house and transport them, running total expenses near $500,000. Alabama’s expenditure would have been about enough to give every faculty member a $400 per year raise.

Michigan and Virginia Tech are in the same boat for the Sugar Bowl, though their bands, 447 and 461 tickets respectively, are smaller and top-tier tickets are cheaper.

Schools could not be so callous as to put a sensible price-tag on student-dorks being the “toast of the town,” though those fight songs better be crisp and those Bon Jovi covers better be epic.

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