Penn State's Making a Run at Boise State's Chris Petersen? I Find That Comical

Penn State’s coaching search continues to sputter – because it’s difficult to replace a legend, or because of the stench left behind by said legend? – and according to David Jones of the Patriot News, the Nittany Lions are putting the full court press on … wait for it … Boise State’s Chris Petersen.

According to two sources close to the search, a PSU committee member has made two trips to Idaho within the last eight days, presumably to try to woo Boise State coach Chris Petersen. It is not known what, if anything, resulted from those attempts.

Yes, the same Chris Petersen who was called by Michigan last year (no interest), the same Chris Petersen who was coveted by North Carolina and UCLA this year, and the same Chris Petersen who every school wants to fill its opening with.

In November, when the Penn State scandal broke, I joked that reading all the reports about Happy Valley made the place feel like one of those small towns stuck in the 80s, (think Road House). This cements it: the guys at Penn State putting this search together really do think that Penn State is one of the premiere jobs in the country and that Chris Petersen would leave his empire in Idaho for it.

I’m all for aiming high, but this is laughable. Even the backup plans are kind of funny (to me, at least):

The two known back-up plans are Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe and Duke coach David Cutcliffe, both of whom are men of integrity coaching at ACC schools of high academic standards where it’s very difficult to win at football.

Grobe’s only one of the most overpaid coaches in the country, and still living off a 2006 Orange Bowl trip. Cutcliffe is 15-33 in the last four years at Duke, including 3-9 the last two years. Yes, I know nobody wins at Duke, but 15-33 is hardly a ringing endorsement.

And no, I have no clue who might be a suitable fit for the job. Hey, what’s Rich Kotite up to these days? [Patriot News]

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