Carolina Goalie Cam Ward Was Credited With a Goal

I love playing NHL video games. My ultimate goal in life is to score an empty-netter with a goalie. I wouldn’t want to score it like this though. Monday night with the Hurricanes protecting a late lead, the Devils pulled their goalie. After a save by Cam Ward, the Devils tried to work the puck around before an errant pass went the length of the ice for an empty-netter. As the last Carolina player to touch the puck, Ward was credited with the goal, though it appears that Brandon Sutter got a stick on the puck.

While it wasn’t a shot, it’s still a neat accomplishment. Ward is only the 10th goalie ever credited with a goal in the history of the NHL. He’s the first goalie credited with a goal since Nashville’s Chris Mason in 2006. The last goaltender to shoot and score was San Jose’s Evgeni Nabokov.

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