The Miami Heat 2011-2012 Intro Video Is Douchetastic

This is the intro video for the Miami Heat home games this season. It is incredible and absolutely dripping with douche. It has all the ingredients for a douchetastic video. Let’s consult the checklist:

LeBron James? Check.
Chris Bosh looking over his sunglasses like he’s in a rap video from the early 90’s? Check.
Shane Battier in a double-popped collar? Check.
James Jones in a t-shirt and scarf? Check.
Mike Miller in multiple denims? Check.
Juwan Howard pretending to enjoy music made after 1973? Check.
Dwyane Wade in a boat captain’s outfit? Check.

While the Heat may not be relishing the villain identity this year, they’re certainly not giving the haters any less material to work with. The Heat kick off their home schedule tonight on TNT against the Boston Celtics.

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