Mark Asper of the Oregon Ducks Saved a Man's Life With the Heimlich Maneuver

The Oregon Ducks and their terrifying uniforms are in Los Angeles this week for the Rose Bowl. Wednesday night, the had a team meal at Lawry’s the Prime Rib in Beverly Hills. While offensive lineman Mark Asper was eating, there was a commotion at a table nearby. After one man unsuccessfully tried the heimlich maneuver, Asper, an Eagle Scout, stepped in and helped him cough up the meat.

The man he saved, Paul Diamond – he’s the father of an Oregon student – had this to say:

“Mr. Asper came and did a proper Heimlich bearhug and I coughed the meat up. The posts that say he saved my life are exaggerating. But he did a nice thing and did it well, and I’m quite grateful. Not a big deal.”

Who says that? (Update: As a reader points out – in the video, Asper mentions that Diamond told him he broke his sunglasses when he was performing the Heimlich.)

Finally, I’m just curious – When was the last time you and 50 of your closest friends went out and each ordered a $53 cut of meat?

[Getty, LA Times, CSNNW]

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