Paige Duke Stripped Of Miss Sprint Cup Title Due to Naked Picture Scandal

For our 2011 year-in-review, we’re re-posting some of this site’s best stuff. This post originally ran July 7th.

Up until eight days ago, Paige Duke was one of the three Miss Sprint Cups. For the last 18 months, Duke, 24, would travel around the country and attend NASCAR races. There’s a video below detailing what that life was like.

But then some naked photos of Duke appeared online, and the Sprint Cup stripped her of her title (the dreaded morality clause!), no questions asked. Duke went on Fox Charlotte last night to talk about the scandal and she claimed the photos – which are online, but two of them are graphic and I’m not going to link to them – were taken when she was 18.

Duke said she took them in her dorm room and sent them to her then-boyfriend. Duke attended Clemson. Rumors on the web (and our inbox) claim her boyfriend at the time was a high-profile Clemson football player (now in the NFL), but we’ll leave that alone because nothing’s confirmed.

If Duke tries to sue the guy – that seems to be the case – we’ll write about it.

For now, Duke, who is an animal nurse – yes, you’re taking your pet to the wrong doctor – is left to wonder: Why would someone leak naked photos that were six years old to Captain Thunder Racing (the photos are gone from that site, probably because of a legal threat) now? And were they stolen off her ex-boyfriend’s computer?

Because you want to see it first!

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