Roundup: ESPN Snubs Hockey Deaths, Chrissy Teigen is Engaged & Tim Tebow is the Most Coveted Celebrity Neighbor

Chrissy Teigen … Our old friend got engaged earlier this week … everyone wants Tim Tebow to be their neighbor … how Columbia House made money all those years … Kim Kardashian is getting $600K to show up at a club on New Year’s Eve … Wendy’s in Japan will be getting a $16 burgeranswers to Google interview questions … the season and the weather equals more sex … Rachel Uchitel is pregnant … special ed teacher allegedly hooked up with a student … there could be mandatory condom use in adult films … man attacks four guys with a cow femur… Mitt Romney leads in Iowa … hey, there’s a deer in their house

Baylor is still unbeaten after a thrilling 54-52 win over Mississippi State. [Ledger]

The food at the Winter Classic. [Philly Inquirer]

In an awfully one-sided trade, the A’s sent Andrew Bailey to the Red Sox for scrubs. [Oakland Trib]

Richard Nixon allegedly had an affair with … a Florida businessman? [Miami Herald]

Hoosiers suffer their first loss of the season at Michigan State, 80-65. [Star]

Nice golf trick shot. [Geoff Shackleford.com]

Kasey Kahne saw a woman breast feeding in public. He tweeted about it and looked like a jerk. Oh, and he called somebody a dumb bitch. [Sports Grid]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has a heroine unlike any other movie. [New Yorker]

Bryce Harper’s brother has the car of a douche bag. [National Inquisition]

Three Italian soccer players are big gamblers. [La Gazetta dello Sport]

A drunken afternoon with Anthony Bourdain. [Men’s Journal]

Toledo 42, Air Force 41 in a bowl game. The Falcons went for a 2-point conversion with less than a minute left and failed. [Blade]

The year in cute baby animals at the National Zoo. [dcist]

Liberian soccer legend, George Sacko, died penniless in Newark. [Star-Ledger]

ESPN snubbed hockey. [Puck Daddy]

The Falcons were bitching because the Saints kept kicking their asses so Brees could set his record. [PFT]

When I can’t find many videos, I’ll always have Epic Meal Time to fall back on.

Jersey Shore gone Wilde.

The holidays are about over. It’s Thursday. Save Community. #sixseasonsandamovie

The Amputee football championships.

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