ESPN's Monday Night Football Ratings Down Nearly 10 Percent From 2010

Monday Night Football set cable TV audience records in 2010, but saw a significant drop in 2011 according to the Hollywood Reporter:

This year, ESPN averaged 13.3 million viewers, a 9.7 cable rating, an 8.4 U.S. rating and 9.59 million households for the 17 “Monday Night Football” airings. In 2010, the network scored a record-setting average cable rating of 10.5, attracting 10.49 million households and 14.7 million viewers.

It’s still the most-watched program on cable, but perhaps next year, ESPN will try to avoid all these crappy teams that polluted MNF this year:

St. Louis x2
Tampa Bay
Jacksonville x2

It didn’t help that Indianapolis, Kansas City and Minnesota all were hit with significant injuries and were unwatchable for large portions of the season. I guess ESPN bought into the Sam Bradford hype when setting the schedule. The only reason I can think Jacksonville was on twice was because the NFL made them throw the Jags’ a bone.

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