Your Kia Is Free If the Browns Shut Out the Steelers On Sunday

Bill Doraty Kia is refunding the purchase price for any Kia you purchase this week, if the Browns shut out the Steelers on Sunday. This isn’t unusual for businesses to run some promo offering long shot results. I see two problems here, though. First, you have to commit to the purchase of a Kia, and second, this isn’t just “get a shutout” against any team, this is the Browns versus the Steelers, with the Steelers having something to play for. The last time Pittsburgh was shutout was in November of 2006 to the Baltimore Ravens, 92 games ago.

How many times has a team that finished the year with a non-winning record shutout a playoff team in the final month of the season, going back to 2001?

Once. In 291 opportunities.

Cleveland Browns fans are a cynical lot after years of disappointment. I can’t imagine they’ll be jumping at an opportunity to plop down 15 to 20K to drive a Kia Soul, with a less than 0.5% chance of getting it for free.

[h/t: @cartmaniak]

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