Defiant Kobe: I'm Not Shooting Less, I Do What I Do, and It's Not Going to Change

You’ll want to fast-forward to the 3:55 mark, when a reporter asks Kobe about the team moving to more of an inside-out offense, pounding the ball inside to Gasol and Bynum, and then looking for open jumpers.

“If you mean [if] I’m going to shoot less, the answer’s no. It starts with me. I do what I do, and they play off that. It’s not going to change.”

Kobe’s fighting age, and presumably his wife in a nasty divorce, and he’s losing both of those battles. You think he’s going to lose a showdown against Bynum and Gasol? Kobe’s going to the mattresses on this one. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kobe went at one of them in practice the way he was willing to fight Shaq at practice back in the day.

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