Meet Greg Walker, the 7-foot Former College Basketball Prospect* Who Might Be the World's Tallest Transsexual

The Daily Mail claims that Greg Walker, a 7-foot one-time college basketball prospect, is about to become the world’s tallest transsexual. The paper says Walker’s operation is expected to be complete by 2013 (enter dick joke here):

Strapping teenager Greg – who has size 16 feet and weighs around 20 stone – regularly lifted weights and would ride motorbikes to mask his true feelings.

In his early 20s, Greg – now Lindsey – was unable to continue the ‘charade’ and began wearing women’s clothes.

He then sought medical advice and began taking oestrogen to become more feminine and now boasts a curvy woman’s body – and a 38B bra size.

He was offered a basketball scholarship to study economics and marketing at Central Michigan College, but dropped out aged 21.He became increasingly isolated and changed his name from Greg to Lindsey.

I’d love to know how the Daily Mail found out about a 7-footer in Ohio who wanted to become a transsexual. The story reads as if it came from another outlet, but I couldn’t find any other stories about Greg Walker, the 7-foot transsexual.

I poked (bad word choice?) around the web to find out what kind of college basketball prospect Greg/Lindsey was, but came up empty (the Sun has virtually the same story with no additional details). Do your thing, internet sleuths. [Daily Mail via Sean]

* We’re talking about the Daily Mail here. They wouldn’t know a basketball prospect from a bowling pin.

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