Michigan State's Football Players Watched a 7-Foot Alligator Bite its Handler Last Week

As Michigan State prepared for its bowl game against Georgia, Spartans’ coach Mark Dantonio decided to invite an alligator to practice. The gator’s handler dressed up in Michigan State gear, and everyone thought it was cool … until the handler slipped and fell and the alligator bit him. The Spartans recoiled in horror:

In the end, the players saw firsthand what could happen when the alligator bit and clamped down on the handler’s leg. Dantonio said the handler wasn’t seriously injured.

How do you define “wasn’t seriously injured?” A dozen stitches? Maybe he only lost a chunk of flesh the size of a silver dollar? Animal suggestions for next year’s bowl game: Giraffe, emu, armadillo, platypus, or a kangaroo. [Freep]

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