Jimmy Kimmel's Second I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present Video Features an Angry Bears Fan

Back in December, Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to give their kid’s terrible presents and record their reactions. The video (below) was a huge hit and was pretty funny considering how freaking mean it was. Even after the video ran, parents continued to give their kids shitty presents so they could show Kimmel just how cruel they could be. The above video is one of the entries. It’s a young Bears fan getting a Packers jersey. Her reaction is typical for a Chicago fan.

Here is the full second video from the “I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present” series and it’s just as priceless. Personally, my favorite part is the kid who finds great delight in a potato as his brother falls apart because he didn’t get a Nintendo 3DS. See, he’s just being happy to be mean to his brother.

Because you want to see it first!

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