Paul Westphal Fired by the Kings, DeMarcus Cousins Chuckles With Glee

Paul Westphal was fired today by the Sacramento Kings. It comes less than a week after the strange DeMarcus Cousins “trade me” demand, which he claims he never made. The Maloofs’ decision is clear: They’re going to let the inmates run the asylum. DeMarcus Cousins was last year’s lottery pick and they aren’t giving up on him yet.

Paul Westphal? He’s had nearly a decade coaching in the NBA – Suns, Sonics, Kings – but his team doesn’t even seem to be trying this year, and the 2nd most talented player on the team hates him, so he’s gone.

The Kings’ last four losses are by 27, 17, 22, 10 and 22. They’re a poorly constructed joke, a team full of guards who like to shoot and nobody who likes to defend. They’ll be in the lottery (again).

Poor Jimmer.

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