Drunk Cowboys Fan Attacks Nephew With Frying Pan and Umbrella After Loss To Giants

The Dallas Cowboys’ season ended with a whimper last Sunday. The Cowboys lost by 17 to the Giants in New Jersey after falling behind by 21 at the half. Obviously, you can understand Dallas fans being a little upset. Take South Carolina’s Derek Gene Woodrow for example. After seeing his favorite team get crushed on national television, he just wanted to change the channel. Next time his nephew better listen.

When the Giants beat the Cowboys, 31-14, Woodrow, a Cowboys fan, insisted that McAllister change the channel, screaming and getting in his nephew’s face. When McAllister asked his uncle to get out of his face, Woodrow grabbed McAllister’s head and threw him to the floor before punching his nephew in his nose and above his eye, according to police.

McAllister would escape and an epic chase would follow.

As McAllister escaped his uncle’s grasp and fled the townhome to a parking lot, Woodrow would chase his nephew and try to assault him with a frying pan and an umbrella, according to the police report.

“Larry stated that he told [Woodrow] to stop chasing him and Derek kept trying to assault him with the frying pan and the umbrella,” police stated in the police report.

Facing verbal threats from his uncle and giving up six inches and more than 100 pounds to the 6-foot-4, 285-pound Woodrow, McAllister used his pocket knife to cut across Woodrow’s lower abdomen and hand, later telling police that he had to defend himself.

I think we can all agree that this was Jason Garrett’s fault.

[CBS Charlotte via @TParker704]

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