Bobby Hebert Goes Off On Les Miles ... Again ... On the Colin Cowherd Show

Bobby Hebert, local Louisiana radio host and former Saints quarterback who self-described himself as the “voice of the fans, I’m not a journalist,” followed up his frustration with Les Miles not playing Jarrett Lee in the national championship game by going on the Colin Cowherd Show today (Hebert’s audio starts at around 12:17 ET) and unloading on Les Miles.

Among the nuggets, Bobby Hebert goes deep and informs us that we are not a fascist/communist society, and thus we should take on these coaches, and that they cannot be thin-skinned. When asked whether Saban out coached Les Miles, Hebert responds like every fan, “Come on, that wasn’t even a question.” Later, Hebert plays his NFL quarterback card: “I’ve forgot more football than Coach Miles knows.”

Hebert also called the team out for being unprepared and arrogant: “That’s where coaching comes in, and that’s why it was a debacle, that was a freaking joke.” Hebert also speculated that 80% of LSU fans would take Saban over Miles. Hebert sums up The Mad Hatter’s coaching career: “Just by accident they can win 10 games because of the players.”

Wow. Voice of the Fan is right. At least the reactionary fan. LSU stunk on Monday Night. Yes, they got outplayed, out coached, all of it. It’s funnier because Hebert’s son T-Bob is a player on the team, though Hebert reminded us that his son has now used up his eligibility so this can’t hurt him (though it might impact his ability to open that BBQ joint near campus that seemed so natural). If there was any doubt about Hebert going nuclear on Les Miles and his coaching acumen, it was removed today.

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