Hannover Soccer Coach Asks Players to Reveal Their Sexual Desires

For those who only pay attention to soccer when Lionel Messi nets a fantastic goal or when a new WAG pops up, Hannover is a German soccer team in the Bundesliga. Yes, their coach did this:

Hannover’s players have been asked to disclose their sexual interests as part of a survey designed to help their coach understand them better.

The psychological test, to be undertaken on a voluntary basis by the Bundesliga club’s squad, includes statements such as: “I am what you could call sexually unrestrained”; “I want any sex I can get” or “I have a lot of erotic fantasies”, which players can evaluate on a scale of -3 to +3.

Hey coach: These are famous, mostly 20-something, wealthy men who frequently have access to some of the best looking women in Europe. They’re probably going to lie to you, then every single one of them is going to go out and have a threesome with the two best looking girls they can find.

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