Jerry Maguire Leigh Steinberg: I'm a Recovering Alcoholic and I'm Filing For Bankruptcy

In a surprising, rambling admission, prominent sports agent Leigh Steinberg admitted he’s battled alcohol problems for years, and that he’s filling for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. Steinberg, who was the inspiration for Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Jerry Maguire, sent an email to friends and associates this week explaining all of his recent problems.

I have struggled with alcohol for a number of years. In the past five or six years I began to check out episodically for short periods. My judgment and oversight of my affairs was not consistent and at times impaired. I am responsible for my own addiction — no one forced me to drink — and in revealing my struggle with alcoholism, I am in no way justifying or excusing my circumstance. But I discuss it to provide context as well as understanding and inspiration to those who also battle addictive behavior. I surrendered to the reality that I was an alcoholic and my behavior was impacting family and associates in March 2010. I surrendered to the concept that until I tackled alcoholism, other priorities needed to be put aside.

I lived in Sober Living for a time and began to actively work a 12-step program.

The OC Register has published Steinberg’s entire letter.

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