The Roundup: O.D.B.'s FBI File, Mayoral Tebowing in Pittsburgh, & the Top 15 Causes of Death in the United States

Shakira … judge attempts to block some of those Haley Barbour pardons … Make-a-Wish kid blows up a building … Pittsburgh’s mayor had to Tebow … 12-year-old sets up webcam, catches thief … Coachella is going to kill your kids … “Man allegedly puts sandwiches in pants, punches clerk, grabs banana” … top 15 causes of death in the US … the Daily Mail gets 400 paparazzi photos of Pippa Middleton a day … Park-Z and Kanye-ation … So I’m still going to be able to get drunk in New York? … there was a $4 million drug bust at Philadelphia airport … man named Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop arrested in Wisconsin

Pittsburgh got destroyed by 23 against Rutgers last night … in Pittsburgh. [Post-Gazette]

Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI file is a pretty fun read. [GUN.IO]

Joe Flacco wants some credit. *stares at link* [Twitter]

No. 1 Syracuse remains unbeaten with a 79-66 romp at Villanova. [Post-Standard]

Sports Illustrated poll results: Dion Phaneuf – he dates Elisa Cuthbert – is the most overrated player in hockey. [SI]

FOX Sports called the LAPD on a particularly rude internet commenter. You’re all on notice. [TMZ]

Two top high school recruits – Shabazz Muhammad and Anthony Bennett – are from the same city and might choose the same college. [FiveStarBasketball.com]

A statistical analysis of Belichick and Brady’s media talking points. [Harvard Sports Analysis Collective]

Jon Stewart destroyed CNN’s stupid new morning show. [The Daily Show]

After losing his father and going to war, Daniel Rodriguez hopes to make a college football roster. [Southern Pigskin]

Michigan State’s Nick Hill got a huge Spartan tattoo. Did I mention it’s a Spartan from 300? [Kegs n Eggs]

The guy who runs 2 Broke Girls is awfully sensitive about his awful television show. [HitFix]

A TV show about a blogger? [Warming Glow]

Back in October, a guy on PCP and steroids freaked out in a Gold’s Gym before police tasered him. Here’s video of the man knocking over gym equipment as well as the 911 call. [FOX23, YNN]

Thirty hornets take on 30,000 bees. This is like The Expendables vs. Leonidas’ 300.

Otters chasing a butterfly.

I could do that, but I’m not allowed to use finger paints unless there’s an adult home.

Here’s a kid with a crazy drum solo. Then he pukes. Then he goes back to drumming.

Because you want to see it first!

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