Roundup: Rasheed Wallace Wants to Return to the NBA, Arizona and Oregon State Scuffled & Shaq Cursed on TNT

Nina Dobrev … are Ron Paul supporters hacking the twitter accounts of musicians? … the new 90210 is the “Least cared about show on TV” … Rosie O’Donnell participated in a shark killing … here’s a nice $57 catch … Philly weatherman fired after telling Playboy about his Hangover-like experience in South Beach … “Dwarf left paralysed after being thrown by drunken Rugby fan” … Minka Kelly shot down Jake Gyllenhaal … 10 days in jail for having a messy yard … reprimanded for wearing a “Ball so Hard” shirt to school … “Woman Calls 911 After Dealer Sells Her Sugar Instead Of Crack Cocaine” … wingman for hireHeather Locklear is ok! … hopefully the TSA didn’t keep any of your loose change …

Receiver Rueben Randle has decided to leave LSU early and enter the NFL draft, and it sounds like they’re losing Russell Shepard, too. [Twitter]

Key free agent moves – plus the addition of Wade Phillips – are why the Texans made a defensive revival. [Chronicle]

Everyone’s going to have a clunker: Minnesota 77, Indiana 74. In Bloomington. [Star]

Poor Devon Ramsay. The NCAA screwed this kid, then he got hurt, then UNC changed coaches. [NYT]

UVA put up a good fight against Duke, but missed two three-pointers that would have sent the game to overtime and lost, 61-58.. [Progress]

The regular season is what’s wrong with college football, writes Berry Tramel. [Oklahoman]

“ESPN, Fox Resist Handing Over Sports Broadcast Deals in Lawsuit by Former College Athletes.” [Hollywood Reporter]

NHL fighting is down 25 percent this season! [USA Today]

Rasheed Wallace is contemplating a return to the NBA. [Woj]

Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson told the Colorado Rockies he’s going to give the NFL a shot. [Times]

If you’re analyzing the value of NFL QBs when taking salaries into account, this is what you get. [NY Jets Cap]

Lamar Odom is not working in Dallas. [Star-Telegram]

A very attractive cheerleader at the University of North Alabama. [College Cheer Heaven]

Here’s a columnist stirring the pot: McGahee, not Tebow, is Denver’s MVP. [Post]

Sophia Bush rules.

Over a week old, half a million views … but I’m guessing this crowd isn’t hip to Asian volleyball.

Impressive splice job: Obama singing Lady Gaga’s, “Born this way.”

Shaq thought they were in commercial there at the end. [via]

The preening from Arizona’s Kyle Fogg started all of this. What a clown. [Republic]

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