Scott Boras to MLB GMs: I'm Smarter Than You Are, Why Didn't You Want Ryan Madson?

Boorish Scott Boras is ticked off that his client, Ryan Madson, couldn’t get a multi-year offer from anyone, so after the Reds signed Madson to a 1-year, $6 million deal, the douchiest of douchy baseball agents reminded GMs he’s smarter than they are:

“As many as eight major league teams have taken great risk in the closer role,” Boras told ESPN. “The game has shown many times that teams need closers with the efficiency to (convert) 85 percent of their save opportunities and the durability to make 60 appearances. Numerous teams didn’t follow those metrics as a criteria for a closer this offseason. They turned their back on the closer role.”

Is this GMs telling Boras to shove his notorious binder up his ass, or teams just not wanting to invest big money in fickle closers?

Because you want to see it first!

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