Dwight Howard Adds the Clippers to His Trade "List," David Stern Cringes

And Laker fans weep.

Dwight Howard has added the Clippers to his “list” of three teams (Nets, Mavericks, Lakers) he’d consider being traded to, reports Chris Sheridan.

As we’ve discussed here previously, the Nets don’t have the goods for an in-season trade with Orlando, especially with Brook Lopez hurt. The Lakers would need to get very creative. And the Mavericks have nothing to deal, but could make a run at Deron Williams and Howard in July.

Enter the Clippers. Young, exciting, in an elite market, and owners of the best point guard in the NBA. It doesn’t seem likely, but what if the Clippers were able to retain CP3 and Blake Griffin, plus add Dwight Howard? They’d arguably have three of the best 15 players in the league; one could attempt to make the argument that the Clippers have the best point guard, power forward and center in the NBA.

The Lakers would be mortified. I’d put together some wacky trade options, but ESPN’s trade machine is down. Breaking out the pen and paper for a moment, how’s this: DeAndre Jordan, Mo Williams, Eric Bledsoe and a draft pick? That draft pick would be in the high 20s, but the Magic could let Nelson walk after next season, and then have a core of Bledsoe, Jordan, Jason Richardson … ok, not even I could feign an ounce of interest in that deal. I have no clue how the Clippers could get Howard.

In the coming months, Howard’s trade status will rival Carmelo Anthony’s annoying one last year. [Sheridan Hoops]

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