The Rangers Have Until 4pm Central to Sign Yu Darvish

Japanese right-hander Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers have yet come to an agreement on a contract and time is of the essence, 4 p.m. Central to be exact. Hanging in the balance here is the $51,703,411 posting fee that will not be paid to the storied Nipoon Hamm Fighters should the two sides fail to come to terms. That fee would cover their entire 2012 payroll, so we know who the Hamm Fighters are rooting for.

Negotiations were said to have gone well into the night and based on several reports, things don’t exactly sound optimistic as “there are definitely still some differences that have cooled the Rangers optimism.” So is this just negotiation speak, or are the Rangers ready to ditch the Darvish plan and go after Prince Fielder, who’s been standing on the corner in the freezing cold like a forgotten hooker?

The guess is Texas ends up signing Darvish before the deadline this afternoon and then GM Jon Daniels makes an attempt to lure Scott Boras and Fielder with something short term, which will likely be greeted with a pair of double-barrel birds.

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