Tim Lincecum Wants $21.5 Million in Salary Arbitration

Tim Lincecum Wants $21.5 Million in Salary Arbitration


Tim Lincecum Wants $21.5 Million in Salary Arbitration

Tim Lincecum has made a lofty monetary demand of $21.5 million in salary arbitration, falling a half a million short of sharing the all-time record with America’s favorite portly pitcher, Roger Clemens.

Is he asking for too much? That’s debatable. Over four full seasons, the demurely dressed, 27-year-old fellow has been wonderfully consistent, impressively averaging 220 innings to go along with an average clip of 224 strikeouts and a WHIP of 1.175. Timmy’s just getting warmed up, but with less flare than Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade. So while $21.5 million might sound like a reach, take a look at the following “marquee” names and what they made last season:

Carlos Zambrano – $18.8 million
Barry Zito – $18.5 million
A.J. Burnett – $16.5 million
John Lackey – $15.9 million

This is a hilarious who’s who of profound disappointment, highlighted by Burnett and Zambrano, the Batman and Robin of baffling headcases. After seeing such absurd salary numbers residing so closely to these stomach-punch starters, it’s a bit easier to digest where Lincecum and his agent are coming from.

The Giants have since countered his request with $17 million, though if it’s true the team offered four years and $80 million over the summer, it remains a deep mystery as to why they haven’t pushed it to five years and $100 million, and put this lingering talk to bed.

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