Roundup: Mark Wahlberg Apologized For His Insensitive 9/11 Comments, Vanilla Ice Will Perform at a Pistons Game & Watch Gang Brutally Beat Chicago Teen

Elisha Cuthbert … there’s a Ferrari buried in your backyardKodak has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection … Mark Wahlberg apologized for his dumb 9/11 comments … Wikipedia and SOPA … above-the-fold “taypayers” typo … the basics of SOPA teenagers show affection by sharing passwords … Jamie Moyer signed a minor league contract … George Lucas is done ruining Star Wars…  Rihanna and Chris Brown are secretly hooking up, which should end well … why did this man shoot a laundromat change machine? … Obama has rejected the Canadian pipeline … occupation for one Survivor contestant: “Former NFL Player’s wife” …

Hey, Giants fans. Remember Trey Junkin? [NY Daily News]

Down goes Trinity! Yale hands Trinity its first squash loss since 1998. [Yale]

Get to know UVa’s 67-year-old student. [Began in ’96]

Cincinnati 70, UConn 67. Huskies’ struggles continue. [Courant]

Eminem talks NFL. [GQ]

Former NBA player and current assistant coach Darrell Armstrong was arrested this week. [LA Times]

Vanilla Ice will perform at a Pistons game this season as part of Totally 90’s night. [Freep]

The Kings only shot 30 percent from the field, but still beat the Pacers. Jimmer Fredette was not part of a spirited rally; he only played six minutes. [Sac Bee]

John Grisham is writing a baseball novel. [USA Today]

Tom Crean’s Indiana Hoosiers lost their third straight game, this one to Nebraska, 70-69. [Star]

The two best NFL playoff interviews in recent history. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

The Italian cruise ship wreck in big pictures. [The Big Picture]

Murray State is 19-0. [AP]

Here’s an article about how BenJarvus Green-Ellis has never fumbled in his NFL career. Expect the ball to hit the turf on his first carry this weekend. [Wall Street Journal]

Why no film should be considered “unremakable.” [IFC]

Difficult-to-watch video of a gang beating up a teenager in Chicago. [MSNBC]

Dan Le Batard and his father giggling about hummingbirds.

Pretty creepy Rugrats parody. Featuring Maeby and Ann Veal.

Some tool got tossed after attacking the Lightning mascot over a little silly string. [Puck Daddy]

Anyone in the mood to check out the new Bruce? Anyone? Hello?

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