Gina Carano's Haywire Opens Today: Watch Her Explain How Sex Is Like Fighting

Last night Gina Carano appeared on Conan to talk about her movie Haywire, which opens today. Her appearance on Conan followed both her formula and Conan’s: She bit her lip and smiled and talked about everything you want to hear (sex, drinking, fighting) without ever actually saying anything. Conan acted awkward around a pretty girl. It was great fun for everyone, especially bloggers hoping to cash in on her Google search traffic today by putting the words “Gina Carano,” “sex,” and “watch” together in one headline.

In a couple short days we will know if Gina Carano is a movie star or not. If you look at the ultimate definition of “movie star,” then no, she’s obviously not because she’s a girl. So far, reviews have been mostly positive – Haywire is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it has also found detractors in people who went into the theater rooting for Carano (FilmDrunk, FightLinker).

On Monday, I will break down every cent this movie made and explain just how likely it is that Gina return to the dead sport of women’s MMA. Can she save the MMA rec center? Only Box Office Mojo will tell.

Because you want to see it first!

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