Santonio Holmes vs. Mark Sanchez: Best East-West Feud Since Biggie vs. Tupac?

Just fix this mess, Rex. Please. The last two Januarys spoiled Jets’ fans greatly. The last two weekends felt hollow without Gang Green playing. I’m barely excited about Championship weekend (49ers -2.5, Patriots -7).

Please pass along my advice to Tanenbaum: Get rid of Plaxico; 1st round pick has to be RT or safety; if you can get Ronnie Brown on the cheap to reunite with Sparano, please do; please don’t overpay for Marques Colston or DeSean Jackson or Laurent Robinson (Pierre Garcon would be nice, though); please upgrade the linebackers, and don’t worry about find a backup to push Sanchez. We’ll know this year what he’s made of, and he fails again … draft a QB in 2013.

Also, if the question is Biggie or Tupac, the answer is Tupac at the gym, Biggie any other time.

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