LeBron James and Chris Bosh Travel to the 70's to Honor the Miami Floridians

Tonight’s game between the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers will be a sight to behold as the Heat pay tribute to the ABA’s Miami Floridians. That promotion and those pictures have given me multiple angles for this post. Here are a few.

If this Dwyane Wade (sitting out with an ankle injury) doesn’t wear a leisure suit tonight, then the whole promotion is all for naught.

Let’s just hope nobody throws around the J.T. bomb.

Chris Bosh looks like he slept with your mom – back when she still had it.

Kobe has won more dance competitions.

Juwan Howard’s grand kids finally get to see how he dressed in his twenties.

[@AKuperstein, SportsCentric]

Because you want to see it first!

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