Fox's Steven Tyler Demands an Apology From Fox's Jason Whitlock

Steven Tyler’s National Anthem prior to the Ravens-Patriots AFC Championship game has been universally panned. (We put the screeching video in the roundup this morning, but we’ll place it below again for those who missed it.) Perhaps one of Tyler’s most vocal critics was Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, who tweeted, “Steven Tyler far more obscene than Janet Jackson’s titty.”

Overnight, word must have gotten back to Tyler – or he saw it on TMZ – because his publicist is on a rampage trying to get Whitlock to apologize. Whitlock told me no apology is coming.

Most likely, this will blow over, as most of these media squabbles do. But … what if it doesn’t, and Tyler actually demands an apology? Will Fox intervene on behalf of a star on its biggest show, and make its $2 million columnist apologize?

Never one to shy away from a controversy, Whitlock perhaps exacerbated matters within the last hour when he went on Loose Cannons on Fox Sports Radio and said Tyler looked like, “Lesley Visser with a wig on.”

Because you want to see it first!

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