Haywire Bombed at the Box Office So Maybe Gina Carano Will Fight Again

Gina Carano isn’t the next big female action star.

I know – I am as shocked as you are.

Carano’s major motion picture debut, Haywire, bombed this weekend to the tune of a $9 million opening. Haywire finished 5th at the weekend box office, barely making the top 5 after holding off Beauty and the Beast 3D by less than a half million dollars. Carano’s star turned finished behind Underworld: Awakening, Red Tails, Contraband and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Obviously, box office doesn’t equal quality. While I haven’t been able to convince anyone to go see Haywire with me (if I don’t hurry, I’m going to end up having to wait two months for it to hit DVD), it received decent reviews and has a 6.7 rating on IMBD which generally means it was passable.

It wasn’t all bad news. Haywire made back a larger percentage of its budget than Red Tails did. And Page Six now knows who Gina Carano is, so she was mentioned about being considered for the lead in a Wonder Woman movie. To put that in perspective, Wonder Woman has been not getting made for years. Back in 2008, a photoshop of Megan Fox as Wonder Woman turned up online.

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