Roundup: Tracy Morgan Collapsed, Crocodile Swallows Girl & Is Chip Kelly Staying in Oregon or Going to Tampa?

Vanessa Hudgens … political breakdown of who is giving money to the Motion Picture industry … there once was a Fart MagazineElizabeth Smart is engaged … excited about WAG, the Musical, starring a WAG? … “You Don’t Have to Start Off Rich to Build Wealth” … the argument that Pulitzer Prizes are worthless … he’s not winning any dad of the week honors … great read about a great teacher … long, quality read about NPR … this Brazilian is a nice dancer crocodile swallows 9-year-old girl … Tracy Morgan collapsed at Sundance

There are too many quality Joe Paterno columns to link, so we’ll limit it to this one by David Jones. [Patriots News]

John Canzano is acting like if Chip Kelly leaves, Oregon will be fine. It’s still not a done deal that Kelly will leave. [Oregonian]

There’s a report that Chip Kelly isn’t leaving Oregon. He had a change of heart, apparently. [Register Guard]

Joe Nocera continues to do great work writing about the mess that is the NCAA. [NYT]

Scot Loeffler is Auburn’s new offensive coordinator. [AL.com]

Marshall’s Dennis Tinnon, one of the nation’s leading rebounders, has a pretty incredible backstory. [SI]

Leon Orr, a Florida defensive tackle, will have to appear in court due to two marijuana-related charges. [Alligator]

High school football coach plays landlord to two stars, wins title, then kicks them out. [Star Ledger]

Pete Rose’s ex-wife turns 70 on March. [Enquirer]

Interesting breakdown of what the “Plus 1” playoff would have looked like from 1998-2002. [Dennis Dodd]

Nice read about former US national team coach Bob Bradley, who is coaching in Egypt. [Goal.com]

This sounds terrifying, but everyone thankfully everyone survived. Mental note: No for-fun low-flying plane rides in Honduras, or anywhere. [NBC Dallas]

“Man accuses post office of losing expensive baseball card collection, jewelry.” [Freep]

Yuri Wright, recruit whose moronic rants on twitter may have scared Michigan off? Well, he was expelled from his high school for said tweets. [North Jersey.com]

Yes, I’d say Jeff Fisher’s teams are dirty. [Post-Dispatch]

Alabama’s Josh Chapman is a man. [AL.com]

Yes, that’s Bill Murray checking out the George Mason band. Murray’s son is an assistant coach at Towson.

Steven Tyler’s Star Spangled Banner performance from the AFC title game.

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