A Charismatic Camel Has Picked the Giants to Win the Super Bowl

A New Jersey-based camel named Princess has boldly picked the New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI.

Now before you begin berating the affable camel with cold accusations of being a homer, please note that Princess the camel has correctly picked the winner of five of the last six Super Bowls, with her one slip-up being the Colts losing to the Saints two years ago.

So how does the picking process work? The general manager of the Popcorn Park Zoo, where Princess makes her home, simply writes the name of the participating teams on his palms and then places delicious crackers in each hand.

“She was ready to go and she was pretty decisive,” Bergmann said. “There was no thinking about it, she went right for the Giants.”

So there you have it. Place your bets accordingly.

It’s also worth noting that her lifetime record of picking regular season is an impressive 88-51, which likely thrashes the record of every single pregame panelist on CBS, FOX and ESPN.

[Photo via CBS NY]

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