Tom Brady and Gisele Have a Very Nice $20 Million Home to Live In

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have constructed a $20 million home in Brentwood. The property was originally purchased in 2008 for $11 million, but much construction was required when the couple worried it wasn’t “big enough.” Twenty months of construction later, the 22,000-square foot home is finally spacious enough to be be considered livable. Via the Daily Mail:

“Eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a lagoon-shaped swimming pool with spa, a weight room for Tom to train in and a wine cellar.

The two wings are connected by a bridge and there’s a nursery for Benjamin, a lift and a butler’s room.

Yes. There is a bridge.

Since Gisele is an environmental ambassador, some people question whether or not such a big home can truly be green. To them, I say, “Shut up.” I’m sure Gisele has donated a lot of money to saving the planet. Lord knows she can afford it. She’s on pace to become the first model billionaire. If she wants to put a little hole in the Ozone to replace the one she paid to have fixed over the last few years, so be it.

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