A Miked-Up Rob Gronkowski Shall Not Disappoint

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was miked-up for the AFC Championship game and ended up putting on a wonderful display of raw enthusiasm and a raw appetite. He is, without question, a 12-year-old kid trapped inside an indestructible 6’6″ frame.

Some highlights include Gronk devouring an energy bar like a starved grizzly bear, excitedly asking teammates what happened in the game after he left even though they have TVs in the locker room, calling Bill Belichick “dog,” and getting so excited to see himself on the Jumbotron that it called for, what else, a brotastic chest bump.

The guy truly defines the word meathead, but there’s something likable and genuine in the way he goes about it that makes it endlessly entertaining. I’m gradually beginning to hope for a Patriots win just to see what Rob Gronkowski does afterward.

[via Barstool Sports]

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