Super Bowl XLVI: Regular Season Rematches in the Super Bowl Gives Slight Edge to New England

The BCS title game featured a rematch between LSU and Alabama, and even though LSU won the first meeting (on the road, no less), Alabama triumphed easily in the rematch. We’ll get a rematch in the Super Bowl, too. The Giants recorded an impressive regular-season win over the Patriots (on the road, no less; they were also without Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw). Who wins the rematch? Recently history says it’ll probably be the Patriots.

The Giants’ meeting with the Patriots will be the 13th Super Bowl played between teams that met in the regular season. The regular-season winners in the previous 12 such matchups are 5-7 in the rematch and the teams that won the first meeting on the road (as the Giants did) are only 2-4.

The last three Super Bowls that featured rematches from the regular season were all won by … the regular season loser.

2008 Super Bowl – Giants 17, Patriots 14
2007 Regular Season – Patriots 38, Giants 35

2002 Super Bowl – Patriots 20, Rams 17
2001 Regular Season – Rams 24, Patriots 17

2000 Super Bowl – Rams 23, Titans 16
1999 Regular Season – Titans 24, Rams 21

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