January 20th, 1992 is the Exact Date of Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day"

Donovan Strain is a skateboarder as well as the proprietor of the tumblr Murk Avenue. He dropped a bomb on the Internet: The exact date that Ice Cube rapped about in the song, “It Was A Good Day” was supposedly January 20, 1992.

Deadspin has done their part to confirm Strain’s work, determining that it was, in fact, a clear day in Compton that day and that you could see the Goodyear Blimp from the 405.

I have two concerns: 1) Basketball Reference does not have a box score showing Ice Cube messing around and getting a triple-double on January 20, 1992. 2) The LAPD shows no record of a large-scale police raid of Ice Cube’s home in the early morning of January 21, 1992.

[MurkAvenue via Slate, Deadspin]

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