Georgia Board of Regents' Illegal Immigrant Policy Costs Bulldogs an Offensive Line Recruit

Georgia’s State Board of Regents were hoisted by their own petard. The Board enacted a resolution to protect the state’s fair public education system from illegal immigrants. Targeting the true mountebanks (Canadians overstaying their visas), they didn’t anticipate an illegal immigrant might be an offensive line prospect committed to Georgia, according to the AJC.

The policy, which failed as a bill in the Georgia House and Senate and was condemned by both UGA students and faculty with the latter referring to it as “a step toward resegregation,” states that Georgia institutions cannot accept an illegal immigrant, if they have rejected an academically qualified Georgian.

Chester Brown, a 6’5” 340-lb guard from Hinesville, Georgia, committed to the Bulldogs last July. The trouble is it’s not clear which Samoa he’s from. His parents are Samoan Samoans, but say he was born in American Samoa, making him an American citizen. They have not provided documentation to prove it. Had he been clearly Samoan Samoan, Brown could have applied for a student visa and been eligible to play.

Brown was forced to withdraw his commitment, and committed to UCF on Sunday. According to State Senator and policy proponent Don Balfour, “Never in a million years did any of us think this would affect a football team.” Really, how many Canadians does Mark Richt recruit? [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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