Kendrick Perkins' Wikipedia Page Received a Facial After the Blake Griffin Dunk

Regardless of whether you believe Blake Griffin delivered a thunderous dunk or a nice “throw shot” on Kendrick Perkins last night, it seems only fair that the posterized forward’s Wikepedia page received its proper update. It reads as follows:

Ever since January 31 of 2012, when Blake Griffin forcibly removed Perkins’s soul from his body, he has been a highly-sought subject of existential and spiritual researchers.

Strangely, the blurb has already been taken down by Wikipedia even though every word of that sentence is true.

All we’re left with now is to wonder what happens to Kendrick Perkins. Does he become the NBA’s Chuck Knoblauch and begin tossing free throws into the stands? Does he suddenly morph into Oliver Miller and eat his way out of the league? We would be crazy to think this humbling moment won’t affect him in some capacity, especially since the media boner for Griffin’s latest work is unsettling large and has lasted far longer than four hours.

[via Thunder Treats]

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