Marisol Gonzalez is this Year's Ines Sainz at Super Bowl Media Day

Renowned Super Bowl media day goddess, Ines Sainz, has unfortunately opted to take a more subtle approach this year, and that news was universally unsettling until a mystery replacement stepped into an aptly fitted red dress and a pair of Jedi boots and strolled onto the field at Lucas Oil Stadium.

While her name remains a mystery at the moment, her presence is nothing short of delectable. Based on Rich Ohrnberger’s sombrero, I’m going to take a risk and guess this woman is not an NFL beat reporter.

UPDATE: Her name is Marisol Gonzalez from Televisa Deportes in Mexico and she is a former Miss Universe contestant. Don’t lie, the only reason you might care is for Google purposes.

Here’s a shot of the aforementioned Sainz mistaking Super Bowl media day for Sunday brunch:

[via @SportsMT, @NYPost_Hubbuch, @MartyCaswell]

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