Blake Griffin's Taiwanese Animation Dunk and Charles Oakley Called Kendrick Perkins Soft

We had lots of fun yesterday debating what does and does not constitute a dunk. My favorite part was when I was called a douche for using the dictionary definition of slam dunk to make my point. Oh, well. Everyone had fun … except for Kendrick Perkins of course. The “Taiwanese animators” did their usual thing and made a video that features Blake throwing a basketball at LeBron James’ head, dunking through hoops of fire, exploding heads and Blake getting beat up by tigers. Standard fare really.

As for Perkins, his reputation as an intimidating inside presence is now being called into question. Perkins was brought into Oklahoma City last season to provide some size and interior defense to the Thunder lineup. Charles Oakley doesn’t see that anymore. Oakley told @Jose3030 that Perkins is soft.

“u know k perkins is soft, he can’t foul hard, he need to go n look at some old school tapes”

It’s safe to say that Perkins will not be invited into Michael Jordan’s unofficial casino bodyguard posse anytime soon.

[MNA.tv, Twitter]

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