Floyd Mayweather Will Fight Miguel Cotto Instead Of Manny Pacquiao On May 5th

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have written all those posts about how Floyd Mayweather might fight Manny Pacquaio. It was a waste of your time, as well as mine. Mayweather will fight Miguel Cotto on May 5th in Las Vegas and Pacquaio will likely fight Timothy Bradley in June. So much for that phone call.

Cotto has a career record of 37-2 with his loses coming again Pacuqiao (Nov. 2009) and Antonio Margarito (July 2008). Mayweather met with the Nevada Athletic Commission today where the NAC reinstated Money’s license to fight. Mayweather will report to jail on June 1st to begin his 90-day sentence for battery.

If everything goes well, we should be going through all the Mayweather – Pacquaio fight speculation in the Fall. I’ll get it started now. Here’s possible sample text from next November:

Could Floyd Mayweather finally meet Manny Pacquiao at Cowboys Stadium on Groundhog Day?

Both fighters’ camps have expressed interest in the possible match up recently. While Bob Arum said the money would have to be right for the super fight that fans have long demanded, Mayweather took to twitter to call Pacquiao a “tiny scared person.” Jerry Jones said he would be very interested in hosting the fight. The only problem is that Cowboys Stadium is currently booked for a monster truck rally on Groundhog Day. Will Bigfoot switch dates to accommodate the big fight? We have our fingers crossed.

I don’t know why, but I’m optimistic.


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