Jim Irsay vs. Peyton Manning Has Been the Most Interesting Aspect of Super Bowl Week

Peyton Manning’s corner quickly rushed to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen Thursday evening to break news – the Colts QB has been cleared to play football by not just one, but two doctors!

Not so fast, Peyton. At 1:25 am, Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted that Manning hasn’t passed a team physical and hasn’t been cleared to play for the Colts.

The saga continues.

Attempting to read between the lines, Evan Silva speculates: Peyton knows he’s going to get cut, so his camp needs to get word out that he’s healthy so other teams will be interested. At the same time, the Colts need an excuse to cut a legend, and they’re hoping to fall back on the medical one.

As Bob Kravitz points out in the Indy Star, there is no acceptable way to part with a legend. Nothing is going to appease angry fans who have been attached to the likable, scandal-free QB since he was drafted first in 1998. The logical move is to cut Manning loose and start over with Andrew Luck. That’s what will happen.

But explaining that to the passionate unwashed masses in Indianapolis – or in Green Bay with Favre, or in San Francisco with Montana – is impossible.


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