Josh Hamilton, Who Recently Cut Off Contract Talks With Texas, Discusses His Relapse

Josh Hamilton discussed his relapse with reporters on Friday afternoon in Texas. His words gave a pretty clear description of just how difficult his day-to-day life must be due to his well-documented substance abuse issues. It’s incredibly sad to see anyone go through something like this, so you can’t help but feel for the guy. And I give the All-Star outfielder credit for his candor and giving as much detail as he did. He could have easily chosen to release a brief “I made a mistake” statement and called it a day.

The timing of the unfortunate incident could not have come at worse time, as just a few weeks ago Hamilton cut off contract extension talks with the Rangers. With only a year left remaining on his current deal, it’s hard not to wonder how, when or if the two sides re-engage and what kind of additional strict parameters would go into an extension should they agree to one.

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