Golfers Try to "Play Through," One Guy Ends Up Getting Stabbed by a Golf Club Shaft, Suffers Punctured Femoral Artery

The next time you’re frustrated with the speed of the golfing group ahead of you and attempt to play through them, make sure you remember this tale of a golfer in Dallas:

The brawl broke out about 3:30 p.m. Jan. 27 at the Golf Club at the Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake.

A foursome was playing the back nine ahead of a threesome, Grisham said, and the three golfers believed the foursome was playing too slow and wanted to play through.

Carpenter said a course marshal instructed the foursome to allow the smaller group of golfers to play through, and that’s when the “gentleman’s game” turned ugly.

As the golfers were fighting, Carpenter said he was on top of another man when he was stabbed with the golf shaft. Grisham said Carpenter lost a lot of blood and was “very close to death.”

Carpenter said the man who stabbed him “was not willing to defuse anything, nor was he willing to accept ‘please just let us go on.’ ”

Carpenter said he believes that the golfer who stabbed him first swung the golf club at his head, but he grabbed it and broke it off at the end.

I haven’t hit the links in two years, but it’s frustrating as hell when you’ve got slow golfers in front of you, and equally-annoying when you’ve got guys wanting to try and pass you. But a brawl that ends with a stabbing and maybe someone losing their leg? Yikes. It hasn’t yet been determined whether or not alcohol was a factor in the fracas, which happened at 3:30 pm Jan. 27th. The injured golfer’s group was not drinking, Carpenter told the Star Telegram. [ST via Wei Under Par]

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