Sensitive Mets Pull Credential From Newspaper Blogger Because He Wrote a Book That Was Critical of Bumbling Owner Fred Wilpon

Oh those sensitive New York Mets. It’s not enough being little brother to the Yankees – now you cowards have to take our your bitterness about perceived “negative reporting” on a blogger at a newspaper? How pathetic:

So it was odd that last week, Sean received a call from Jay Horwitz, the Director of Media Relations for the New York Mets, telling him that while the Journal News can continue to receive credentials, the Mets would not be credentialing me.

Sean asked why that was, and Jay responded that the Mets “don’t like his reporting”. The team declined to respond to my multiple attempts to reach them for a fuller explanation.

What, specifically, irked the Mets? The blogger in question, Howard Megdel, recently wrote a book titled, “Wilpon’s Folly.” You can imagine what it’s about – Madoff, financial issues, you know, all the things currently destroying the occasionally-proud organization. The Mets haven’t challenged any of Megdel’s reporting – they’re just upset that he actually reported anything.

This seems as good a time as any: Please go back and read the New Yorker’s profile of Fred Wilpon. He seems headed toward Al Davis territory. [Journal News]

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