The Lingerie Bowl Highlights You Didn't Know You Missed

The 9th annual Lingerie Bowl took place on Sunday in Las Vegas between the L.A. Temptation and the Philadelphia Passion. The Temptation won their third consecutive Lingerie Bowl, 28-6. You might recall the Temptation beating the Passion at last year’s Lingerie Bowl when Sean Salisbury was on hand. Below are some Getty images from the big game that I felt deserved a little extra attention.

Audrey Latsko shaved “LA” into the side of her head. This is something she does. Can I call her the Anthony Mason of lingerie football? I’m going to call her the Anthony Mason of lingerie football.

Amber Reed popping bottles with her teammates. Lingerie football players do not need goggles when spraying each other with champagne.

This might be the greatest picture ever taken. Bruce Waynne was the Lingerie Bowl halftime performer. In this picture, Bruce is looking like a pretty cool customer. His fans though? His fans are going crazy! The guy in sweatpants and a black shirt is rocking really hard. Then there’s the middle age white man in a football jersey throwing up the international symbol for “Bruce Waynne is the number one rapper alive!” And finally, Bobby Parnell realizing there is something gross on his commemorative Lingerie Bowl towel. Over Waynne’s left shoulder is a woman leaning over to ask another woman, “Who is that?” I like to imagine all these people traveling the country attending every Bruce Waynne show.

According to Getty, this is a halftime promotion wherein a fan attempted to tackle the LFL MVP Kyle DeHaven. Yes, there was a promotion where a guy got to tackle a lingerie football player. It should also be noted that DeHaven plays for the Baltimore Charm. I’m going to repeat that in case you missed it the first time – not only does the city of Baltimore, Maryland have a lingerie football team, but they are called the Charm. The Baltimore Charm.

(L) That is´╗┐ Monique Gaxiola pouring champagne on teammate Amber Reed. You know what they say – You can take the stripper out of the champagne room, but you can’t take the champagne… No. You can take the champagne out of the champagne room, but you can’t take the stripper… That’s not it either. You can take the stripper and the champagne out of the champagne room, but you can’t take the room out of… You can put the stripper and the champagne in a room, but you can’t put the room in a bigger room? You guys go ahead, I’m going to stay and work on this.

(R) Whitney Paronish sporting some severe rug burn. That is why you wear pants and a shirt when you play football. Can you imagine Vince Wilfork playing through such trauma?

[Philadelphia Inquirer, Getty]

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