Callie Rivers - Austin's Sister - is Dating UNC's Dexter Strickland

Callie Rivers – daughter of Doc, sister of Austin, former Florida volleyball player – is at the center of the biggest UNC-Duke subplot!

She’s dating North Carolina guard Dexter Strickland, according to the Fayetteville Observer.

After a recent home win against Georgia Tech, Callie waited patiently at the entrance to UNC’s players lounge while Dexter was inside the adjacent locker room with his teammates.

He passed on an interview request regarding this topic. Austin was polite when I broached the subject with him, but it was obviously something he didn’t have much interest in detailing.

“I try to stay out of my sister’s stuff,” he said with a chuckle.

Strickland’s out for the season after suffering a knee injury last month. Do you think Callie Rivers sits behind the UNC bench, the Duke bench, or a neutral area? Also, which jersey will she be wearing? ESPN cameras should have plenty of fun with this one tonight (game’s at 9 pm).

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[Fay Observer via Lost Letterman]

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